Web Development Hong Kong

We create functional, responsive websites using the most popular Content Management Systems – WordPress, Shopify & Joomla.

Whether you require a simple, ‘brochure-style’ website to showcase your brand, products & services, or more complex websites with e-commerce and all the functionality online shops require, we have you covered.


Why Choose Us?

With years of experience guiding our processes, our team helps you approach Web Development holistically. Simplified, our process from the time we receive an enquiry looks something like this:

  • Initial call to understand the requirement & your objectives. What is your audience, what can people expect to find on your website and how will they interact with it are some of the things we discuss.
  • Drawing up the sitemap & list of functionality. This starts as a first draft boilerplate, and is essential in scoping out the exhaustive blueprint of the website. It helps us understand what Content Management System we need to use, what third party integrations and plugins will be required and what the fixed & variable efforts are.
  • Final Ideation: After some more brainstorming and deliberation, we finalize the full scope of work, share a proposal, and we’re good to kick off!
  • Design: This is where visualization and website design starts. We share wireframes, then mockups, and give you the look and feel of the website. The dynamism of the website becomes evident once we start HTML/CSS.
  • Development: The web design team then works with the development team to start production. We always have a staging site where we can together view the progress, and this helps us with iterative feedback during development.
  • Quality Assurance & UAT: Once the website is ready, we run tests on our end to ensure any final fixes and bugs are addressed.
  • Go Live!: Once we receive the ‘All OK’, it’s time to launch! Of course, depending on the complexity of the website and how dynamic it is with regard to its content, now we initiate website updates and maintenance. Our team trains you on how to use the CMS, and we scope out the modus operandi to continue support post-launch.
  • Marketing: We also have an in-house Digital Marketing team. Through a range of organic and paid activities like Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing & Social Media Management, we help you meet the website’s objectives in the short and long term.

Our Website Development Services


This involves drafting a detailed project scope based on your objectives & creating a technical specifications document with timelines and costing.


Our tech stack, in general, is LAMP – Linux Apache MySQL & PHP, along with HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript for the front end, and in most projects, we adopt CMSs like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Shopify, etc. Hosting can be shared, dedicated, or on the cloud with AWS/Google Cloud.


Fully functional E-Commerce Website with custom flows and ability to integrate with your logistics provider. We work on WooCommerce & Shopify to develop your Online Shops.


CMSs like WordPress make it very easy to add new pages, blog posts and products to your website using simple WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editors.


No dynamic website is a one time effort. Our dedicated design & development team with their years of experience support you even after ‘Go-Live’, with activities ranging from website maintenance to content updates.


Need help booking a domain name? Unsure what kind of backend infrastructure your website needs? We help with options and help you book and manage your domain name(s).

Hopefully that gives you a very good idea of how Datawave Limited as a Web Design & Development company works, and how the entire website creation process unfolds. If you have any website related requirements – whether development of a new website or maintenance or changes to your existing site, do reach out to us! We’d love to discuss how we can assist you.

Let’s Work Together

We’re here to fulfill your Technology and Marketing needs, get in touch and we’ll get right back to you!