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Why Google Ads

Paid Search Campaigns give you targeted, upfront visibility, ahead of organic results. When executed correctly, SEM campaigns drive more relevant profiles of potential customers to your landing pages.

With over 50% of product and service discovery now occurring digitally, it is critical to serve ads related to your brands on leading search engines like Google as well as on third party websites that command audiences similar to your target.

Since search and discovery often begins today with a simple text input into a search box, a variety of factors are essential to consider in developing an effective Search Engine Marketing strategy that will drive relevant traffic to your website.

Why Us

Our team of experienced Google Certified Search Marketers takes into account:

  • Your brand positioning
  • Price points of your products and services
  • The phases of Search Intent, namely:

Information Gathering

The user is setting about gathering information about their requirement. Specs, quality, pricing of products or services and the various players that cater to their requirement. For example: Search Engine Marketing Services.

Navigational Intent

Once the user has shortlisted product & service providers, they tend to perform new searches seeking out specific companies. For Example: Datawave Digital.

Transactional Intent

At this stage, the user knows the particular name of the product or service. For example, Datawave Search Engine Marketing Services.

The aim is to drive users to landing pages based on the phase of search intent they’re currently at. A well-researched, tailored Search Engine Marketing Strategy will classify keywords into these three search intent phases and serve ads accordingly.
A breakdown of some of the important factors we work on to create and launch your ad campaign:

Keyword Research and Targeting

Competitor Analysis

Relevant Ad Titles & Ad Copies

Well-structured, responsive Landing Pages, with content that boosts ad score and is designed to result in lead generation and e-commerce conversions.

Data plays a very important role in optimization of ad campaigns. Our team creates and initiates Ad Campaigns with a great deal of research and metric tuning, but it’s only once an ad campaign is launched that actual user data is generated. Per click bids, ad copies, landing page content and structure, all must then be worked on and fine-tuned according to the data we get from Ad Planning tools and Analytics.

Our highly trained, experienced team follows a structured approach to initiating campaigns, recommending daily and monthly search ad budgets, and then fine tunes them over time to optimize metrics like Click-through-rates, Cost-per-clicks, and most importantly, quality of leads.

Do get in touch with us to learn more about how we approach Paid Ads and holistic Search Engine Marketing.

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