What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization, commonly known as SEO, is a cost-effective organic (vs unpaid) inbound marketing approach which implements strategies & techniques to enable a website to rank higher on search engine results pages for search terms (keywords & keyphrases) that are relevant to the website. Your website’s various pages rank in different positions in search results, these are known as Search Engine Ranking Positions (SERPs). The end objective of effective SEO is to improve SERPs for various search terms over time. Typically, SEO as an activity takes 6 months to kick in, with most SEOs taking 12-18 months as a realistic timeline over which to prove significant results.

In our experience, we’ve consistently managed to improve ranking positions and website traffic within 6 months of commencement of SEO.

At Datawave Limited, a Hong Kong-based Digital Marketing company that specializes in SEO, we analyze & identify the most relevant search terms (keywords) expected to be used by your brand’s target audience to search for your content. Based on this keyword research and planning, we then perform a series of on-page and off-page search engine optimization activities that improve your search engine results over time.

SEO entails fine-tuning web pages for load speed, handling redirections, deduplication of content, gauging mobile responsiveness, title tags, alt attribute, Open Graph in meta tags, canonical tags, rich snippets, back links etc. so that search engine algorithms can ‘sense’ your content, its relevance and who that content should be pushed to.

As an SEO agency, we at Datawave treat SEO as nothing short of a holistic science.

Why choose SEO with Datawave?

SEO enhances your website’s visibility to the search engines. This boosts the organic traffic & also the number of prospects, implying higher chances of conversions.

Datawave, the SEO agency based in Hong Kong, provides bespoke SEO service which fortifies your efforts of building & strengthening your brand’s credibility, furthering your business’ outreach, reducing your customer acquisition costs, increasing your brand’s awareness & keeping you ahead of your competition.

Moreover, with our local SEO services implemented, your brand’s visibility is improved among your local customers who are the most qualified traffic for your website.

Top SERPs ensure the best brand positioning. Your website’s ranking governs the expansion of your audience, and vice versa. It is also an indicator of how good the UX is for visitors.

SEO at Datawave: The Process

As a specialist in SEO in Hong Kong, we don’t blind you with SEO’s technical alchemy. Instead, we demonstrate how our SEO service provides your business with genuine value through traffic, leads, clients, revenue and growth – through the following process.

1Consultation & high-level strategy

We begin by creating a high-level strategy through a detailed open dialogue with you about:

  • Your business & its history
  • Current brand positioning & target market
  • Business objectives & website’s scope
  • Top products/services
  • Partners & competitors
  • Current search engine rankings
  • SEO Campaigns run in the past, etc.
  • Preliminary keyword targeting

We also share a short questionnaire (client brief), your answers to which elicit additional clarity.


Next, we perform a technical and content audit of your website whereby we review the website architecture, identify the site elements that are contributing to the bounce rate (rate at which visitors leave without further navigation and engagement), the content faring well among your target audience and also that which needs repurposing/removal. We provide you with a pre-SEO report which highlights everything in need of fixing from an SEO point of view in order to rank well in organic search, keyword search volumes and high level competitor analysis.

3Keyword research

Once we start SEO, we conduct the useful keyword research which helps identify words & phrases the online audience of your business niche is dominantly using and also how search engines are using those keywords to serve results. Location demographics plays a vital role & optimizing around high-value keywords improves your online presence to potential clients, both locally and globally. We identify a mix of short-tail, more generic keywords that are usually more related to the discovery phase, and long-tail, more intent driven keywords that target visitors lower down the conversion funnel. We shortlist a group of mutually agreed upon keywords from a benchmarking point of view, to gauge improvements in SERPs over a period of time, while simultaneously working on optimizing the website for an even broader range of relevant search terms.

4SEO Optimization

On-page and off-page optimizations are carried out next, on an on-going basis. Optimizations are done for aspects like site load speed, responsiveness, redirections, site map, backlinking, keyword co-occurrence, content relevance & its deduplication, rich snippets, brand mentions, social networking, link building, forum posting, local listings etc.

5Monthly reporting & analysis

Our SEO service is not the ‘fire and forget’ type. Our periodic site analytics reports keep you abreast of variables like incoming traffic & its sources, session duration, pages visited, keywords used by visitors, milestones achieved, etc. Google Analytics offer a range of insights, and we visit various components of analytics to provide tangible actionables which will improve visibility and user interaction over time.

We understand that SEO optimization campaigns must be adaptive since searches & markets are highly dynamic. Competition & sector monitoring by us is a constant ongoing endeavor, it is important to bear in mind that consumer behavior can change, and our competition will also similar to us be carrying out SEO efforts in order to compete for search engine ranking positions.

Our SEO Expertise

Our scope of SEO activities comprise

Website Audit

On-Page optimization

Technical optimization

Link Building and Outreach (Off-page optimization)

Competitor and Marketplace Analysis

Website Migration Services

Ecommerce SEO Services

Let’s Work Together

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