Top 7 SEO Strategies For Better ROI Every Marketer Should Use

An SEO agency executes result-driven marketing campaigns through well planned effective strategies. Search engine marketing offers businesses multiple ways to boost their SEO ROI (return on investment).

These strategies help align the business needs with branding goals, attract more organic traffic and lead to better conversion.

To develop better insights about the competition and market, businesses today invest in SEO services offered by top notch SEO agencies, such as Datawave, that assist businesses with identifying high potential targets for generating more business, in addition to increasing brand’s visibility & value among the audience.

Here are the top 7 SEO strategies that any marketer must put into effect for providing holistic SEO solutions to a business.

  1. Create a detailed search oriented content that effectively addresses target audience’s queries

    Content is the bedrock of SEO. A crucial component of search engine marketing is creating relevant content that fulfills the search intent of the target audience with highest accuracy & pushes them towards conversion.

    After a thorough research about audience’s search trends, create and post articles/blogs to answer their queries. The articles can be created so as to expand awareness of your niche among prospects.

    Note that the content you create must answer the needs of the audience, so create the content FOR the audience. The importance of embedding highly relevant keywords in the content can’t be emphasized enough.

    Blogs having word count between 1000 & 1500, and effectively answering more involved user queries engage the readers for extended periods & boost organic traffic thereby improving the SEO rankings.

    Some of the best search engine marketing agencies harness the power of infographics & videos to capture audience’s attention by presenting visually appealing factual content.

    We at Datawave, a Hong Kong SEO company, believe that visual content leaves a more lasting impact on the audience, that too in a short time. After all, there is a reason one remembers a movie in greater detail than the novel from which the movie has been adapted!

    Rich media like eBooks, PDF files & presentations are other great options to present content in a simplified format that is sharable, increases engagement, builds links & demonstrates your domain expertise.

  2. Perform an extensive keyword research & plan their interlinking across the web pages

    The best search engine marketing companies understand the importance of right selection of keywords to gain rankings, boost visibility of the business among target audience, and ensure SEO ROI.

    For instance, a long tail keyword might be, in essence, the very answer to a buyer’s query. This makes it easier to rank.

    Thus, whenever a user fires a query related to your niche, your brand name pops at the top, which benefits your website from an SEO perspective.

    The right selection of keywords entails a mix of long tailed keywords and query-based keywords. One way to go about this is to refer to the keywords used by your competitors.

    When keywords have been finalized, implement their strategic interlinking from one particular page to other relevant page.

    This requires skill and considerable experience, something in which the team of the best Hong Kong SEO agency, Datawave, stands unrivalled.

  3. Make your website fast, responsive & mobile-friendly to rank on page one

    A mobile-friendly website for a business is indispensable today. The online crowd wants information at their fingertips from anywhere, any time.

    A slow website will push the users away, so would a website that improperly renders on mobile devices.

    For a perspective, around 95% of the search traffic is absorbed on the first page of results. Surely, any business with an online presence would want to leverage it.

    Speeding up the website may involve minifying CSS & JavaScript, reduction in server response time, image compression, browser caching etc.

    Google takes into account the above factors (among many others) while determining the rankings and rankings are vital when one reflects on SEO and ROI. A fast, responsive website will ensure your business ranks on page one for longer.

    SEO companies use tools like Google’s ‘Test My Site’ to check if the current speed & responsiveness of the website is good enough for your bottom line.

    The tool calculates the impact on business revenue if website speed could be improved.

  4. Execute proper on-page and off-page SEO to boost brand’s visibility

    A cornerstone of SEO marketing is on-page & off-page SEO. Broadly speaking, on-page SEO involves:

    • Placement of high quality keywords in page title as well as website URL
    • Proper structuring of content
    • Using alt tags & HTML code
    • Optimizing for mobile responsiveness
    • Creating breadcrumb navigation for users
    • Implementing page security through SSL
    • Optimization of the meta description (the short description appearing below the website’s URL on search engine results page, or SERP)

    When done properly, on-page SEO makes it easy for the search engine to interpret the page with respect to its content quality, structure & page performance, and determine its position in the search engine results pages (SERP) rankings.

    Off-page SEO involves controlling the page ranking factors off your business website.

    For instance, Google grants your website more domain authority if many other websites are linking to your content through backlinks.

    Keeping the business alive & kicking among users through social media promotions can generate tons of clicks (which helps boost traffic to your website) as well as a lot of link sharing.

  5. Increase your business outreach over multiple platforms through a GBP (Google Business Profile)

    For leveraging a location-based strategy to achieve local success, SEO marketing agencies recommend to go for GBP (Google Business Profile).

    GBP is a free feature from Google that assists businesses, both old and new, to effectively manage online presence across Google’s growing portfolio of services (including Google Maps).

    After a business’ Google Business Profile is created, its Google Maps location (synchronized with traditional Google Search) is generated.

    This location is also used by third-party platforms using the API of Maps to provide their users with location-specific information.

    In a way, having a GBP facilitates extending the outreach of a business’ services through multiple platforms that are invisible to the business.

    When the profile has been created correctly within the proper business category on GB and with profile verification done & all optimizations in place, the business has potential to capture significant chunk of organic searches.

    For instance, this is how a business will come up in the results when a user looks up ‘supermarkets in tsim sha tsui hong kong’ on Google.

  6. Give your brand credibility a boost through industry associations & influencer outreach

    To further improve the results of search engine marketing, a good SEO agency locates highly relevant websites of other industries that can augment your business’ credibility through association.

    This also creates opportunities for link building, advertising & partner marketing and can establish strong referral sources from which highly qualified traffic can head to your website.

    An SEO services agency has systems in place that continuously crawl the web & social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for influencers/authors/bloggers that are established in creating high authority content in particular niches.

    After determining their suitability for your business interests and target audience, the agency reaches out to them and builds relationships thereby increasing your website’s coverage on social media as well as on niche content.

  7. Gain clients’ trust through transparent reporting and communication

    Effective client reporting is a key to increase the success of an SEO agency. SEO companies have realized over time that quality client reporting is a crucial part of their relationship with clients, so much so that it can convert a one-time client into a recurring one.

    A good reporting clearly conveys the marketing results & also facilitates regular interaction with the client.Furthermore, it strengthens accountability & transparency since, after all, it is all about results & reporting is the way to show them.

    By regularly sending the reports to client, you let your client know that you’re always there & are open to discuss opinions & issues about the marketing. This indirectly adds up to the word-of-mouth marketing.

    Your insights/comments on the report add explanations about the data points in report & the client gets to understand why a certain KPI is vital for their bottom line.

So, those were the top 7 SEO strategies which marketers must utilize to the fullest for better ROI.

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