Activities Undertaken

Search Engine Visibility through a comprehensive Search Engine Optimization strategy complimented by Paid Ads & Organic Social Media Activities

Website Revamp

On-Page Search Engine Optimization

Off-Page Search Engine Optimization

Content Strategy

Facebook & Instagram Activities

Digital PR

Competitor Site & Product Pricing Analysis

Google Business Listing Optimization

Paid Ads on Google & Instagram

Client Results

New Users per Month increased

Conversion Rate improved roughly

3 Positions
Over 50 Keywords Ranked in Top

About Liquidz

Liquidz is an Online Supplier of Alcohol in Hong Kong. With a wide array of Spirits, Beers and Liquers for sale, Liquidz has been a major player in delivering liquor right to the doorsteps of their customers all over Hong Kong, since 2009.


Datawave undertook a complete revamp of Liquidz’s web presence in 2019 starting with a brand new website built using WordPress & WooCommerce. With competition steadily increasing, it became increasingly important for Liquidz to deliver a seamless experience to online liquor shoppers, and offer additional benefits like rewards & loyalty.


Liquidz boasts a big collection of products & product categories, which meant we’d have to focus on a wide variety of keywords to rank higher on Google to increase the website’s visibility. In addition, since content itself plays a major role in a website’s credibility, we took keyword research very seriously in rewriting the website’s content, updating the structure, and even creating blog content that would help search engines identify Liquidz as a subject matter authority on liquor and all things related.

By far the most important activity was Technical SEO. From barely ranking for relevant keywords on the first page of Google locally in Hong Kong, we managed to rank in the top 3 positions for over 50 keywords in a span of just 6 months. These included generic ‘top-level’ keywords like liquor store near me and hong kong liquor store (which happens to also be the brand name of one of Liquidz competitors), product category keywords such as whiskey store, buy vodka online & dry gin and finally product specific keywords like hibiki, macallan & xocafe. In addition to these more direct keywords, we even recommended and generated blog content to attract visitors indirectly, for example 7 Best Vodka Cocktail Recipes. Blog posts like can not only rank on Google for people searching for vodka cocktail recipes, but can also be promoted through Social Media & Digital PR.

Off-page SEO was important to build high-quality inbound links to the Liquidz website – an important SEO factor search engines use in determining the domain authority of a website.

Through Google Analytics, over time we were able to gauge which pages were the most visited, where our bounce rates were high, and what the most common user journeys were (which page on the domain visitors first reached, with the home page being the most common for obvious reasons, and where they navigated as they transitioned from browsing to exhibiting purchase intent).

Within a span of just a few months, improvements in organic traffic related metrics & keyword rankings were huge. In a span of 6 months.

  • New Users per Month increased by 250%
  • Conversion Rate improved roughly 10x
  • Over 50 Keywords Ranked in Top 3 Positions

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