Activities Undertaken

Search Engine Visibility through a comprehensive Search Engine Optimization strategy complimented by Paid Ads.

Google Ads

Website Theme based Ads group

Bid Adjustments

A/B Testing Ad copy

CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)

Analytics Set-Up

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Client Results

Conversion Rate improved on Google Ads

Cost per conversion (per lead) reduced

Conversion Rate improved

New Users per Month increased

About Exclusive Venue

Part of the global Rouge Agency, this is the only agency in Hong Kong and Shanghai that selects and connects unique and exclusive venues with luxury brands and corporate clients. From prestigious villas, apartments, rooftops, to art galleries, factories, museums and restaurants, they select for their clients unique, privileged and atypical venues hidden from the public eyes, to transform events into unforgettable experiences.


DataWave effectively handled their continuous Google Ads management while enhancing their organic search rankings and establishing a strong brand presence on search engines through SEO. The primary goal was to generate leads and enhance brand visibility. Notably, DataWave achieved measurable outcomes within a six-month period for a luxury event management company based in Hong Kong, generating both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) leads, despite the challenging circumstances imposed during the lockdown.



Exclusive Venue, a luxury event management company based in Hong Kong, required a specific approach to target their exclusive clientele, such as luxury brands like Burberry, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci etc. This necessitated thorough keyword research and optimization to enhance their website's visibility and rank higher on Google. Recognizing the significance of content in establishing credibility, we diligently conducted keyword research to rewrite the website's content, improve its structure, and create relevant blog posts that would assist search engines in identifying Exclusive Venue as a leading provider of luxury event venues. Over a six-month period during the Covid lockdown, Exclusive Venue achieved the top ranking for keywords like "private pool villa Hong Kong" and "exclusive yacht venue." We used Google Analytics to track and analyze visitor behavior, identifying the most popular pages, areas with high bounce rates, and common user journeys. Notably, the specific well-known venue page emerged as the most frequently accessed page, reflecting users' initial point of entry and proceeded to explore other appealing venue options before ultimately making a purchase. The impact of our efforts on organic traffic and keyword rankings was seen within a few months. In a span of 6 months the results for a niche service business were:

  • Conversion Rate improved by 1,550.00%
  • New Users per Month increased by 282.06%

Google Ads

We conducted thorough competitor and keyword research, delving deep into the data. Based on our findings, we meticulously categorized the campaigns/ad groups into distinct keyword themes. Additionally, we created tailor-made ad copies to enhance the relevance of our advertisements. To further amplify the impact, we optimized the website's content and strategically utilized various pages according to the type of venue, aiming to generate more conversions. Furthermore, we leveraged diverse Assets/Extensions to effectively enhance the performance of our ads.Results achieved:

  • Conversion Rate improved by 82.39%
  • Cost/conversion reduced by 48%

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